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Welcome to Glass Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the fine art of glass making and design. If you're either a serious collector or just a curious enthusiast, who once was attracted by the sheer beauty of light falling through a crystal glass, this wiki can help you get more insight into this sparkling, glamorous world.

How to participate

If you have any knowledge on glass making that you might want to share with us, you can easily participate in this project. To contribute to this wiki you'll only need to create an account and then, well... start contributing. A good place to start is probably Glass wiki rules and guidelines.

See also: Glass-wiki.net overview for a powerpoint-like presentation of the glass-wiki structure.

About the content of this wiki

The primary goal of this wiki is to provide an overview (as complete as possible) of all glassworks and factories, both contemporary and historical enterprises.

Historical glassworks

Historical glassworks

Contemporary glassworks

Contemporary glassworks

Besides company profiles this wiki provides all kinds of information on glass and crystal making, its history and its techniques. Articles are primarily focused on factory glass, but will also touch - although to a lesser extent - on art glass and individual artists. The term factory glass may apply to handmade decorative items as well as stylish pressed glass vases, bowls and tableware. This wiki is certainly not all about the expensive pieces from the great names, like Daum, Gallé, Tiffany and Loetz, as it specifically tries to be an information source for the low and medium budget collector.

Subjects are divided into a number of categories. Each wiki document is assigned to one of these: